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Six Bar and Restaurant Facebook Marketing Tips

By: Jeff Law

As a restaurant owner, you should be making use of Facebook Ads. While it may seem intimidating to the unfamiliar, it’s likely a whole lot easier than you might think. And what’s more, is that a little bit of effort can go a long way in getting your restaurant exposure—and with any luck, a whole lot more customers.

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Leverage Facebook as the competitive landscape it is


In today’s mobile world, marketing bars and restaurants on social media is imperative. Why? Because it’s the new competitive landscape. 


Facebook alone boasts 2.27 billion monthly active users on the site and one in seven people worldwide has an account, many of whom interact with businesses and groups directly on the platform, so if you’re not there, you’re essentially throwing your money away. But simply being there is not enough, so in addition to what we’re about to cover below, check out these other great restaurant Facebook marketing tips you can use to boost your skills. 


Use a Places Page


When your customers use Facebook, they can "check-in" and let their friends know where they’re eating, leave reviews, and more, all of which makes for an easy, organic way for people to spread the message about your establishment. You may already have a place page, as it can be created by a customer, but if you don’t, make sure you create one so you can take advantage of its myriad benefits.




Beyond simply creating a page, communicating with guests is a big part of Facebook marketing. If you don’t communicate when people are trying to engage with you or your business, they’ll simply go elsewhere. 


Make sure your tone is friendly and open, even in the face of complaints. Show concerns about any issues at hand, provide assurance of resolution, and remain positive to instill confidence and trust with other. Beyond that, do your best to ask questions, reinforce and/or share excitement, and get guests engaged with your business as often as possible. You can even gently remind them to take initiatives that boost your business on the platform, such as leaving a like or comment—just don’t be heavy-handed. Finally, give them incentives to come back and visit you again. 


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Use Targeting


Use the targeting feature of Facebook ads to get the most out of your advertising campaign. You want to reach people in the local area that are interested in dining at your establishment, so use the platform’s behaviors, interests, and demographic metrics to reach new customers. There are many ways you can take advantage of targeting, so use what works the best for you and your business—like using the food and drink category under Interests.


Be Friendly


Show off your restaurant and make visiting your page fun for your guests. For example, you can include a picture of your staff, share a fun, witty, or memorable quote from a guest or team member, or showcase something interesting or exciting that happened at your establishment recently. Perhaps you could post a tour of your kitchen or explain your drink or food menus. Don’t be afraid to get creative if it’s on brand, or simply be helpful and inviting, like sharing specials or upcoming events.


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Promote Your Uniqueness


Every restaurant has something unique to offer. Showcase it and use it to your advantage so your guests know what experiences they can look forward to. For example, when running Facebook Ads for bars, you might mention that you have an extensive local craft beer and wine selection. Maybe your restaurant is in a special location, or you could promote the atmosphere that guests will experience while dining with you. Anything that has a unique appeal will go a long way in helping to promote your business in a positive way.


Offer Something Free on your Page


Let’s be real, people love free stuff. Use your Facebook page to offer deals or incentives so visitors are compelled to check it out often. For example, you could list a favorite recipe that you have or how to make a certain drink at home. You could also offer a webinar course or have a newsletter that people can sign up for. These are all excellent ways to promote your business and get patrons interested in coming back. 


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If you’re looking to reach new audiences and grow online without breaking the bank, Facebook marketing is essential, and it doesn’t take much work to figure out. Once you get it down, rest assured you’ll have one more platform you can use to make a big splash with your current and potential customers.

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