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Five Ways to Get Your Roofing Business Marketing Online

By: Jeff Law

Managing a roofing business is hard work, and often you have little to no time left for ideating and implementing cohesive marketing strategies. Unfortunately, without proper marketing, it’s hard to reach new potential clients and grow your business. 

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If you want clients to keep coming in, you need to make digital marketing a pillar of your business plan.


Why Digital Marketing?


It’s been years since homeowners conduct thorough online research when they need home services. According to Google, roofing-related queries are among the fastest-growing in search volume in this niche, with an increased number of searches for the terms “roofer,” “metal roofing,” “roof shingles,” and “roofing companies.”


There’s no doubt; potential clients find information about your products and

services online. You want to make your business easy to find where people are looking to turn these online queries into business opportunities. Digital marketing enables you to increase your company’s visibility online and get in touch with homeowners when they need it. Plus, it can help you step ahead of competitors and win new business.

Here are several ways you can use digital marketing to promote your roofing business online.

  1. Great Website

Any successful digital marketing campaign starts with a functional website. Your business needs an easy to navigate site where potential clients can find the information they need in seconds. 


An effective website must cover everything about your business and your services. If you offer more than traditional roofing services, make sure you list everything correctly to help potential clients know what to expect when hiring you. You must also have your contact information clearly visible on the site and a call to action to encourage people to get in touch. 


Remember that people use smartphones to search for information, so invest in a mobile-friendly website to help people find you quickly online. 


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  1. Newsletter

In this niche, people don’t make a buying decision overnight. Between waiting for the right season for changing the roof and handling insurance papers, they have plenty of time to research companies and gather information. You need to help them remember you during this process. 


A newsletter is an effective method to engage potential clients and keep in touch with homeowners who might need a new roof at some point. If you send out a great newsletter, people are more likely to remember you when they finally decide to invest in a new roof. 


Note that a newsletter isn’t a sales pitch, so it shouldn’t focus exclusively on your products and business. Pack it with helpful information that adds value to the readers. For example, you can use it to educate potential clients about the latest technology in the industry and how they can benefit from new materials and modern installment techniques.


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  1. Local Search

Roofing is mostly a local business, so you should focus on promoting your company in a limited geographical area. Setting up your website for locals searches with local SEO techniques helps you target potential clients who live nearby.  


Some of the most effective ways to rank high in local searches are listing your company on Google My Busines and optimizing your website for keywords with geographic references. You should also check that your company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) are always listed correctly on all platforms, including social media. You can also use Facebook Ads to target the local demographic and send them the right messages at the right time.  


  1. Walkthrough Video

One unique way to market your roofing business online is through a walkthrough video that documents your process of putting on a new roof from start to finish. It’s informative and eye-catching. Plus, people love watching videos, and 64% of consumers are likely to purchase after watching branded social videos. 


Video content is an excellent way to show your company in action and build trust among potential clients. It can help you increase brand awareness, get new leads, and generate sales in the long run.


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  1. Questions and Answers

A helpful FAQ section educates website visitors and can work miracles for SEO. Put together a list of the most common questions people have when reaching out to you and give in-depth answers.  

FAQ pages provide quick information and help website visitors make educated buying decisions. It’s a quick way to improve user experience and give that little extra that can help people remember you when the time comes to buy a new roof.

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