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Clear Complexion: Advertising your cosmetics business on social media

By: Jeff Law

Social media is a great way to advertise any business. This is particularly true for the cosmetics industry, which is such a visual vertical. From the visual platform of Instagram to the interactive videos of TIkTok to the ability to create eye-catching graphics on Pinterest, there are endless options for attracting your ideal audience. And with more people than ever looking to these platforms for beauty inspiration, this “selfie” generation is primed and ready for your beauty advertisements.

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The beauty industry is projected to be worth $90 billion by this year, which means that there is no shortage of people looking for the perfect product. You shouldn’t ignore the reality that a lot of those people are finding the products they are purchasing on social media. Whether you’re fairly comfortable in the social media marketing space, or you’re just starting to dip your toe in, here are a few tips to help you step up your game and reach your ideal audience. 


Use a variety of platforms


It’s likely your ideal audience is hanging out on any number of social media platforms. In order to reach the most users and bring the most value to your audience, it’s important not to get stuck on any one platform. Broaden your reach by creating how-to videos for YouTube, and pairing them with a beautiful picture of the finished product on Instagram. Linking the two together can not only help you reach a wider base on either channel, but it can also let both audiences know you offer value on other platforms. 


While, again, it’s important to have a presence on more than one platform, you want to make sure you are adjusting your content appropriately. You aren’t going to want to post the same bright photo with a snappy caption on Facebook as you did on Instagram, and likewise you’ll want to avoid a lengthy, informative post for Instagram like you might on LinkedIn. 


Add value


While your main goal might be gaining an audience and marketing your beauty products, don't miss the mark on adding value for your followers as well. No one is going to be interested in a page that is constantly peddling their wares. Instead, take the time to get to know your audience. Figure out their pain points and their most asked questions and create content accordingly that can help them solve those issues. This serves to demonstrate not only authentic connection with the individuals that make up your followers and your customer base, but that you’re paying attention to what they have to say. 


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Build a community


This tip goes hand-in-hand with adding value. Creating a base of loyal customers who are going to champion your brand is a huge win not only for your company, but for your clients. If you can create a community around a solid product where your followers feel heard, seen, and cared for, they’re going to tell all of their friends about you, and they’re going to keep coming back. 


You can start to build this community by offering value-rich content, as mentioned above, but also by connecting with the audience you already have. While it’s important to reach a wider audience with your content, you should always focus on serving those who are already showing up for you. Comment back. Ask questions. Engage. Connect with your followers and make them feel heard and seen. 


Another great way to do this is by highlighting testimonials. Drunk Elephant Skincare publishes testimonials on Instagram from beauty magazines to users who only have a handful of followers. Highlighting how your products are working from the perspective of the consumer is a great way to build community. For one, you’re showing that you care what your users have to say. Additionally, credibility and trust in your brand is built when you openly offer testimonials by those who are on the fence. This indicates that you have real-life customers to back up your beauty claims. 


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Utilize hashtags


Attaching hashtags to your posts can help your ideal audience find you. Hashtags can extend the reach of your post beyond your current users to those who are searching for a specific word or phrase. To help find the perfect hashtag, you can use a service like Hashtagify


Consider creating custom hashtags to associate with your brand and with specific products. This can help set your content apart and also group your content such that when someone clicks on the hashtag, all the posts associated with that hashtag will pop up. 


Update often


While it’s important to be on the right platform, engaging with your audience, and adding value to your feed, it’s as vital to update your social media accounts regularly. In this digital age where scrolling has become a national pastime, you want to be front of mind. That means fresh content as often as possible is must-have. Writing new blog posts, shooting new videos, and taking high-quality photos take time, but the payout is worth the effort.


Advertising your cosmetics business on social media will take some time, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with small steps, meet your audience where they are, and grow from there. 

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