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Lather, rinse, repeat: 10 Marketing tips for salons that work

By: Jeff Law

Customers have a lot of choices to make when it comes to salons near them. Marketing your salon effectively can go a long way in helping you stand out from the crowd. While navigating your way through the intricacies of marketing can be challenging, the rewards far outweigh the costs.

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Without the right marketing, it doesn’t matter if your salon has the best nail technicians, hairdressers, and aestheticians—no one is going to know! Don’t worry. While marketing might seem daunting, we’ve put together our top tips for helping you increase clientele and drive profits.


  1. Improve your website

    When it comes to marketing your business, your website should be at the forefront of most strategies and techniques. A salon with an efficient website lets clients know you are serious about improving convenience and accessibility. A well-working, easy-to-use website makes it easier for clients to inquire about your services and make appointments.
  2. Improve salon searchability

    Improving your searchability is a simple yet efficient technique to drive revenue. When your business can be found with a simple Google search, it increases your chances of attracting new customers. When you improve your searchability, it helps you avoid spending chunks of cash on ads and promotions.
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  3. Unique branding

    Using distinctive designs, patterns, and colors for all branding and marketing efforts, as well as on social media, will help differentiate your salon from others and make clients identify your business easily.
  4. Take advantage of social media

    You don't need to be a marketing expert to recognize the influence social media has on promoting businesses in 2020. Your beauty salon should tap into social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to show customers why they should choose your salon.

    Instagram is a highly visual platform that makes it perfect for marketing your salon. Regularly updating Instagram with stunning photos and videos of your latest work is sure to capture your audience and win new clients.

    The best way to utilize Facebook is to create a page where clients can leave feedback and can also be used to run targeted ads.
  5. Implement loyalty programs

    Reward clients for being loyal. Using a loyalty program—such as a punchcard or online rewards system—can help you further build your relationship with your clients, while ensuring they’ll keep returning to your salon.
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  6. Request feedback and reviews regularly

    Your reputation is the first thing most people notice when they perform an online search for your salon. Having customers leave reviews on Yelp, Facebook, and Google helps reassure potential clients of your team’s ability.
    Feedback can also help you spot areas where improvements are needed.
  7. Create a space to take photos and videos

    Set up a space in your salon where customers can take and share Instagram-worthy photos with their followers. Not only will this help show off the talents of your staff, but it will create an experience for your clients that others will want to replicate.
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  8. Take advantage of special events

    Organizing events or collaborating with local businesses to co-host events is an excellent way to promote and market your salon. In addition, rewarding loyal clients on their birthdays or even holidays can do wonders for publicity. These events and special recognitions show clients how important they are to your business, making them eager to return.
  9. Create business cards and coupons

    Clients should leave with a business card that indicates your website and social media handles. This makes it easy to book follow-up appointments and encourages your clients and potential clients to follow you on social media, where your best work is displayed. You can also create coupons for new or potential clients to encourage them to make an appointment.
    Adfully - Lather, rinse, repeat- 10 Marketing tips for salons that work 3
  10. Send out newsletters

    Send out messages and newsletters regularly to inform your clients of special events coming up. These messages can be the perfect tool to tell people more about your staff, share useful tips and ideas, and be a source of valuable information. Messages should be informative and direct, reducing the chances of them ending up as spam.

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