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7 bright ideas for small business advertising on a budget

Fundamental to small businesses, advertising boosts sales, helps generate and retain a consistent client base, and keeps your contacts informed about why your company's variety of products and services are useful to them.

Adding dimension: Salon marketing ideas to give your business volume

Running a successful salon is no easy feat. From making sure products are fully stocked to taking care of staff to booking clients, you may find your head is spinning by the end of the day. All of these tasks are vital to your business’s longevity, but so is marketing your salon. 

Don't make it up: Cosmetic marketing strategies that actually work

Being talented is just one piece of the puzzle when launching yourself as a Makeup Artist. The other piece involves having clients that are excited to work with you, be that regularly or on an ad-hoc basis. If you’re just starting out, it can be challenging to develop a substantial and reliable client base. 

Bad hair day: 5 beauty marketing mistakes (and how to recover from them)

Tried everything to market your salon business, but don’t have your calendar as full as you would like? Between managing your customers and handling everyday salon issues, it’s hard to put together a cohesive beauty marketing strategy to keep the wheels moving. 

Six Bar and Restaurant Facebook Marketing Tips

As a restaurant owner, you should be making use of Facebook Ads. While it may seem intimidating to the unfamiliar, it’s likely a whole lot easier than you might think. And what’s more, is that a little bit of effort can go a long way in getting your restaurant exposure—and with any luck, a whole lot more customers.

Five Ways to Get Your Roofing Business Marketing Online

Managing a roofing business is hard work, and often you have little to no time left for ideating and implementing cohesive marketing strategies. Unfortunately, without proper marketing, it’s hard to reach new potential clients and grow your business. 

Digital Marketing for Realtors: Strategies that Work

As a realtor, marketing plays a huge role in your success. In today's environment, digital marketing is crucial.  Without a proper online strategy, it will be difficult for to find clients. People buying and selling a home today expect you to have an online presence. Here are some tips to help you market your business online as a realtor.

8 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

There’s no denying that social media is for more than just being social. Using the various platforms to promote your real estate business is critical in this digital age. Not only can you promote and highlight your own blog posts, insights, and listings, but you can connect with fellow real estate agents, learn tips and tricks, and build relationships with your colleagues and potential clients. 

Facebook Advertising for Realtors: Six Best Tips

Social media sites such as Facebook are excellent for real estate advertising. Your business can get a lot of mileage out of the site to generate new leads and clients. Here are some top advertising tips for realtors to increase business leads using the platform.

How to Generate More Real Estate Leads

Between showing homes, open houses, and all the paperwork that comes along with being a real estate agent, you likely haven’t put as much time into generating online leads as you would like. Unfortunately, in today’s digital world, just having a great website isn’t enough. Content marketing needs a seat at the table. 

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